Absolutely Clean Since 1947

daryl-van-small4Locally owned and operated, Kraft Professional Cleaners has been setting the standard for quality garment care and service for since 1947. Our mission is to provide consistent quality clothing care with knowledgeable and friendly service. We are continually researching the latest equipment and are committed to ongoing training in the details of fabric care and the environment. We deliver the finest clothing care available anywhere and we stand behind our work.

Our Process is what sets us apart

We realize the investment you’ve made in your wardrobe and your clothing will always undergo our quality inspection standard while in our care. Checking for spots, stains, cracked or missing buttons and loose threads, our inspection starts the minute we receive your garments. Our process includes expert stain removal, followed by superior cleaning…..but that’s just half the job. The next steps include impeccable hand ironing and finishing followed by multiple check points to make sure your specifications have been followed. Only then do your garments receive our superior packaging to ensure the items return to you it the best condition possible. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

KraftAbsolutely Clean Since 1947