How to Properly Store Summer Clothes

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It’s about time to switch out your summer wardrobe for something a bit warmer.

While you could simply leave your summer clothes in your closet, it’s best to store them until you need them again.

Here are some tips on how to do this properly.

Clean Thoroughly
It’s a good idea to have nicer summer clothes dry cleaned immediately before storing them. This will help to get rid of any dust, dust mites, allergens and pet hair that may have collected on them while in your closet or drawers.
Use an Appropriate Container
Bags and boxes degrade rapidly, are prone to developing holes and offer little protection against the elements. To make matters worse, it’s easy for pests to get into them.
We recommend that you keep your summer wardrobe in a sturdy plastic storage box with a tight-fitting lid. Add a dryer sheet to help make them smell good as well as remove excess lint, hair and other unwanted debris.
Maximize Space
Fold them neatly in a way that takes up the least amount of space. Starting on one end of the container, pack them as tightly together as you can until you’ve filled it up. Make sure you don’t over-stuff it, however, or the lid not fit.
As an extra precaution against pests, place mothballs inside the container. In addition, consider securing the edges where the lid meets the container with duct or packing tape.

Storing your summer wardrobe may seem like a simple process, but avoiding problems requires a lot of consideration. If you follow the above tips, your clothes should be good as new when you want them next summer.

LeslieHow to Properly Store Summer Clothes